With immediate effect, GS1 Malaysia Berhad's new WhatsApp contact number is +6011-1616 8228.
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We are pleased to announce that GS1 Malaysia subscribers can now pay their subscription fees with Two New Payment Methods:

Method 1 : JomPAY

Step 1 : Log on to your Internet or Mobile banking (eg CIMB Click,  Maybank2u, Pbebank) and look for “Pay” or “Payment” or “Bill Payment”.
Step 2 : In the “Pay” or “Payment” or “Bill Payment” section, look for JomPAY.
Step 3 : In the JomPAY section, enter our JomPAY Biller Code (12013) in the Biller Code column.
Step 4 : Enter the your Company Name in Ref-1 Column and your Contact Number in Ref-2 Column. (compulsory)
Step 5 : Enter the payment amount and press "Confirm" to pay.


JomPAY is the latest hassle-free way to pay subscription fees, which is available at Internet & Mobile Banking of 42* Banks sites, anytime and anywhere, securely, with no hidden cost.

The benefits of JomPAY include:

  • Convenience – can pay anytime, anywhere and from any bank
  • Security – safer than cash and cheques
  • Efficiency – no physical queuing and automated update of the membership status.

Method 2 : Maybank2u

Step 1 : After login to your Maybank2u.
Step 2 : Click ‘Account & Banking’.
Step 3 : Click ‘Bill Payment’.
Step 4 : Click ‘Make a one-off payment’.
Step 5 : Select ‘All Payees’ ( from the right side drop down menu ), Click ‘Continue’.
Step 6 : Choose ‘GS1 Malaysia Berhad’ , Click ‘Continue’.
Step 7 : Key-in your Company Name and Contact Number (Handphone number) and amount to pay as appeared on invoice.
Step 8 : From Account – Select Current Account, Saving Account.
Step 9 : Continue, Request TAC, then confirm the payment.


GS1 Malaysia Berhad Bank Account Details :

Payee Name : GS1 Malaysia Berhad
Account No. : 5-14208-626-707
Bank Name. : Maybank Berhad
Bank Address : No. 8-10, Jalan 53, Desa Jaya, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.

For more information, kindly contact GS1 Malaysia :

Tel : +603-6286 7200

Fax : +603-6276 1042

Email : payment@gs1my.org










GS1 Malaysia Services


GS1 Malaysia MyTrack


GS1 Malaysia MyTrack

Your Preliminary Batch Level Track and Trace Platform

A Centralized platform to Capture and Share the Supply Chain / Logistic Data within the company's internal processes to improve inventory management.

GS1M MyTrack allows businesses to capture and share information on internal process about the movement and status of products & logistics units using GS1 Keys and data carrier such as GS1-128 or GS1 Data Matrix embedded with Batch No., Production Date and Expiry Date.

Member Product Databank
& Mobile App

GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank

Enable Authentication of Product Information and Ownership

Avoid costly mistakes and protect your brand equity by ensuring a trusted source of product information for consumers and trading partners.

Ensure that your brand is compliant with current retailer requirements by listing all your products with the GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank today.


GS1 Malaysia Databank Mobile App

Providing Trusted and Genuine Product Information

The mobile app leverages on the GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank to provide trusted and genuine product information to consumers and trading partners.

Download the mobile app by scanning the QR code on the right and updating us if there are any inaccuracies with your product data.

Consumer Safety & GTC Programme

GS1 Malaysia Consumer Safety & GTC Programme

Enhance Brand Integrity by Ensuring Consumer Safety

Efficient traceability requires the right methodology. Key business benefits are:

  • Helps fight counterfeiting and protects brand integrity
  • A key component in regulations and safety standards

Barcode Verification Services

GS1 Malaysia Verification Services

Ensure Your Barcodes Scan First Time, Every Time

Having a scannable barcode is crucial to your business. Verification of product barcodes facilitates cross border trade as it is often an important import/export requirement.

Negative consequences of unscannable barcodes:

  • Rejection of product by retailer
  • Delays caused by multiple scans

Professional Consultancy Services

GS1 Malaysia Professional Consultancy Services

Cost-Effective and Customisable to Get the Best Value out of your GS1 Membership

Being a GS1 member means so much more than just having a set of barcodes for retail. Explore the full range of possibilities, from improved inventory management to efficient, interoperable systems by contacting us today.

GTIN Filling in China


GTIN Filling in China

The China government has new regulation with regard to GS1 bar codes not issued by GS1 China, on products that are made and sold in China.

GS1 Malaysia provides free service to help active GS1 Malaysia members comply with this regulation. Please ensure your membership is valid in order to enjoy this free service.

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Safer, more efficient care starts with a simple scan.

In today's rapidly changing landscape, the pressure is on healthcare providers to ensure high quality patient care while working within ever increasing time and financial constraints. GS1 barcodes and standards help to address the foundational difficulties healthcare providers face and help deliver greatly improved patient safety and cost-saving operational efficiencies.
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