Withdrawal of the GS1 Company Prefix

Companies who have not renewed their membership with GS1 Malaysia will have their company GS1 prefix withdrawn and reassigned

Any UNAUTHORISED usage of the GS1 Company prefix will lead to inaccuracies, confusion and disruption of the supply chain in the market.

Upon withdrawal of the GS1 Company Prefix:

  1. Retailers will be notified; eg. Aeon, Giant, Tesco, Mydin, Aladdin, Caring, Econsave, etc.
  2. Your company is no longer authorised to use them on your products. All products bearing the unauthorised GS1 barcodes in the supply chain/market must be withdrawn immediately.
  3. Your company/product information would be de-activated and will not be accessible by your trading partners; retailers through GS1 platforms, eg;
    • GS1 Malaysia Product Databank
    • GS1 Malaysia Retailers Dashboard
    • Global Electronix Party Information Registry (GEPIR)