GS1 Malaysia Member Product Data Collection

GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank
Every new applicant to GS1 Malaysia membership is recommended to submit their product listing together with their application form. This allows them to participate in the newly launched GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank.

What are the benefits of participation in this databank?

  • You will have a backup repository of product information which you may access whenever you need to
    • Eg. 1: Record of products kept internally goes missing or lost to natural occurrences such as fire or flood
    • Eg. 2: New person takes charge of barcoding portfolio and is unable to locate previously kept records
  • Each product listed will be assigned its own barcode number which is in line with GS1 standards and guidelines
    • Eg.: New members who are unsure of the way to format or assign the numbers may end up with a whole batch of misprinted labels with the wrong number formulation that cannot be scanned
  • The GS1M Member Product Databank will serve as a trusted source of product information that retailers will refer to in order to check the validity of members’ product barcodes
    • Eg.: A product barcode that is found in the databank will inform the retailers that this product is using a valid GS1 barcode
  • The GS1M Member Product Databank will also serve as a platform to engage non-conventional retail channels such as e-commerce websites and international buyers
    • Eg.: Having your product information listed on the databank will increase its visibility and reach to potential trading partners
  • The GS1M Member Product Databank can be accessed as a trusted source of information for marketing tools and engagement with mobile and omni-channel tools
    • Eg.: Mobile apps developed for consumer engagement
  • Ensures that the numbers allocated to products are accurately traceable and verifiable by customs and government agencies, especially for international trade
    • Eg.: Exporters to China are increasingly having to provide a form of proof that their barcode numbers are valid and have been registered with GS1

What do I need to do to participate in this databank?

  • You just need to submit your product listing (preferably according to the templates provided) to
  • For new members, you will receive in return a list of barcodes assigned for each product in the listing provided
  • For existing members who have already assigned barcodes to their products, please also provide your product listing including the barcode numbers assigned to each product

How do I submit my product listing?