Information for New GS1 Members

Thank you for joining us as a member of GS1! Please find below a collection of links and information that we hope you will find helpful.

Important Note: Please ensure that you maintain an updated record of all barcode numbers assigned to your products at all times (Eg. Manually written in a log book or digitally recorded in a spreadsheet or database)
  1. As part of your registration with GS1 Malaysia, there will be instances of personal data being collected. The protection of your data and privacy is something we take very seriously as outlined in our Data Protection and Privacy Notice
  2. As a new member, we understand that it might sometimes be a little overwhelming when trying to figure out where to start. We hope the following guidelines will give you some technical information to help you better deal with your chosen printer/packaging designer
  3. For a more comprehensive technical document, you may also refer to our GS1 Global User Manual
  4. To learn and experience how GS1 Malaysia can help you on more than just barcodes, be sure to register for the Growth with GS1 Briefing.
  5. Before you start printing your barcodes, you will need to be aware of the basic rules regarding barcode allocation. For an up-to-date guide on barcode allocation rules, you may visit our GS1 Global website
  6. Each 13-digit barcode number will have a check-digit at the end. If you have any difficulty calculating the check-digit, you may use our Check Digit Calculator. Please use GTIN-13 by entering 12 digits.
  7. If you do not already have an equipment supplier/barcode printer/packaging designer, please feel free to contact any of our GS1 Solution Provider Partners
  8. Once you have your barcodes printed on your products in its final form, you may want to consider making use of the GS1 Barcode Verification Service to ensure scanability of your product at the point-of-sale
  9. If you want to learn more about GS1 and its related industries, you may also do so by registering for our E-Learn classes
  10. For information on assigning and applying barcodes for use on non-retail units such as outer cartons, please see this guide.
  11. Members are advised to submit their product listing to GS1 Malaysia at

Other Useful Information:
  • Your GS1 Membership is to be renewed once a year on 1st July
    • If you had provided a credit card authorisation form, you will still get an invoice prior to payment and a receipt post payment
    • If you had provided a Bank Stamped Standing Instruction, you will need to email us a copy of the bank statement once the bank has made the payment on your behalf once a year
  • GS1 Malaysia email address:
  • GS1 Malaysia bank account: Maybank  5-14208-626-707
  • Product listing to be emailed to:
Additional Membership Services  Items Required (All prices quoted include 6% GST)
 Additional  Numbers
  • Email/Letter of Request indicating number of additional blocks required
  • Category A => RM 265.00 per block of 1000
  • Category B => RM 190.80 per block of 10

Note: Your annual fees will increase by the same amount. If Standing Instruction had been provided, ensure it is updated accordingly to reflect new annual fees.

 Transfer of GS1  Membership
 Change in  Company Name
  • Email/Letter indicating Change in Company Name
  • Statutory documents indicating new company name
    • For Limited Company/Sdn Bhd
      • Form 13
Change of Category (A to B or vice versa)
  • Email/Letter of Request indicating intention to upgrade GS1 membership category
  • Administrative Fee => RM 159.00
  • Additional Fee to Top-Up membership => Will be calculated and informed on a case-by-case basis
  • Signed and acknowledged "Not-to-Use" Letter (will be provided by GS1 Malaysia upon receiving Email/Letter of Request)
 Note: If Standing Instruction had been provided, ensure it is updated accordingly to reflect new annual fees.
 Resignation of  Membership
  • Important: A GS1 member can only resign their membership if there are no longer any products/items in the market bearing the range of numbers allocated to them
  • Please refer to Terms & Conditions of resignation of membership as stipulated on Application Form
  • Resignation Email/Letter
 Note: Security deposit (if any) will be refunded and acknowledgement  letter will be  provided
 Re-instatement  of  Membership
  • Email/Letter of Intent to Reinstate Membership
  • Administrative Fee => RM 159.00
 Note: Officer in charge will follow up on re-instatements on a case-by-case basis to determine fees applicable