GS1 Malaysia Standard Services

  1. GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank. - An online trusted product data repository, accessible by Databank Mobile App and GS1 Malaysia Product Search Portal. Also serves as a backup source of registered product unit information (3 free uploaded photos only)


  1. Access to GS1 Malaysia’s Strategic Alliance Partners.


  1. Barcode Symbol Generator to ensure barcode labels are in compliance with GS1 standards.


  1. Certificate of Membership when a company successfully becomes a GS1 Subscriber.


  1. Daily, Weekly and Monthly TrainingPlease refer below for standard charges.


  1. Advisory and Consultative Support


Optional Services (Chargeable)

  1. GS1 Malaysia Barcode Inspection Service – RM200 per label.


  1. Additional product picture upload into GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank – RM 50 per picture.


  1. Certificate of Member Products – RM 80 per certificate


  1. Briefing: Member Orientation: Benefits of GS1 Implementation – RM150 per person.


  1. Briefing: Effective Inventory Management Powered by Visibility & Interoperability Using GS1 Keys – RM150 per person.


  1. Briefing: Implementation of Track & Trace Using GS1 standards – RM 150 per person.


  1. Briefing: Optimising Brand Protection through Validation, Verification and Decoding (BIS) – RM150 per person.


  1. Briefing: Fulling the National Healthcare & Pharamaceutical Track & Trace Roadmap using GS1 standards – RM150 per person.


  1. GS1 Malaysia Forum Series – RM150 per person.