GS1 2D Datamatrix Verification Services

GS1 DataMatrix coding contains much more information and allows better traceability than a classic linear barcode symbol. It is also the preferred 2D matrix coding symbology that efficiently meets all the needs especially in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry by:


  • Capture the largest amount of data by far the smallest footprint.
  • Enabling direct marking of trade items where labels may not be practical (For instance small medical / surgical instruments)
  • Efficient in traceability throughout their entire lifetime if serial numbers are provided, and it can be extremely important if recalls arise.
  • Providing error detection and correction capabilities to improve the readability of coding symbols despite irregular packaging or physical damage to a label, torn or printed poorly provided the amount of damage does not exceed the available error correction.



  • Fast and accurate data capture at every point in the supply chain, including goods receiving, warehousing, picking, dispatch and Point-of-Sale information.
  • More efficient supply chain.
  • Better quality symbols, improving scan rates.
  • Correct barcodes and therefore correct data in systems.
  • One test and barcode solution for all manufacturers giving confidence to retailers and other users.
  • Faster product to market by reducing lead time due to packaging re-printing.
  • Errors corrected at art work stage, prevents printing of wrong barcode.
  • Improved customer relationships.
  • One barcode testing standard accepted globally.
  • Scannable barcodes facilitate accurate, real time stock management.
  • No loss of sales due to poor scanning and consequent loss of sales data.



2D Barcode Verification Services

The verification services will assist our members & non-members in assessing the accuracy of a symbol’s structure and its readability. Before our members & non-members distribute their products, they will have the chance to fix any issues with the barcode printing. In addition, our members & non-members will be able to ascertain if the Datamatrix coding they are using is in accordance with GS1 standards.



The GS1 barcode verification services include:

  • Both linear and Datamatrix.
  • The integrity of barcode numbers, including the correct use of the company prefix and a valid check digit.
  • Decodability.
  • Symbol contrast.
  • Provide barcode validation report.