New Terms and Conditions for Category B

Category B Terms & Conditions Effective 1st January 2019

We would like to highlight that Category B was created for micro/cottage enterprises or home based companies which have less than 10 trade items to be barcoded. Subscribers under Category B are strictly allocated with only 10 GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) for the base annual fee of RM 390.00 per annum. In the event the company requires more than 10 GTINs, the company would be required to upgrade its membership to Category A, subjected to the terms and conditions. The estimated charges for the upgrade are as follows:

Administrative Fee -                                    RM   300.00  

Top Up Value Added Services -                     RM     80.00  

Top up Security Deposit -                            (Depends on Join Date) 

Category A - 2 years advance subscription - RM   636.00  



Pro-rated Category A current year Subscription Fees (to be determined based on the month of request to upgrade from Category B to Category A)
The above rates are based on the minimum subscription fee of RM 708



Kindly take note that the upgrading cost incurred is substantially more expensive than signing up for Category A from the start. Please note that every different type of packaging, flavour and colour of product would require a different barcode number.


Upon successfully upgrading your membership from Category B to Category A, your company is strongly encourage to re-print and re-design your packaging labels to incorporate the new bar code numbers under Category A for all the existing products.


The bar coded numbers assigned under Category B Is allowed to be used for 2 years from the date of the upgrading approval letter. Upon the 2 years grace period, it is incumbent upon your company to strictly refrain from using bar code numbers assigned under Category B. GS1 Malaysia Berhad reserves the right to reassign the bar coded numbers assigned under Category B after the 2 years grace period.


Therefore, we advise your company to re-consider your application under Category B and inform us of your decision by signing back the reply, as listed below, to enable us to process your application.

For more information, please contact us at +03-62867200