GS1 Malaysia Value-Added Services

GS1 Malaysia offers a special and optional package under the Value Added Services for all its members.


Fees & Terms

  1. Category A members – additional fee of just RM280.00 on top of the membership fees.

  2. Category B members – additional fee of just RM200.00 on top of the membership fees.

  3. One-off payment, no-recurring fee.


What will you get under the Value Added Services?

  1. Have your products uploaded into the GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank, accessible by Databank Mobile App and GS1 Malaysia Product Search Portal, enabling brand owners to securely share trusted product information for use in consumer-facing digital channels by simply scanning the product barcode. (6 photos for VAP membership)


  1. Optimise product visibility and brand awareness through the GS1 Malaysia Retailer Dashboard, which leading online and offline retailers are taking full advantage of the Retailer Dashboard to complement their sourcing processes.


  1. 30 FREE GS1 Malaysia Barcode Inspection Service (labels) – inclusive of Interim Verification, Linear (1D) Barcode Verification OR 2D Datamatrix Verification, Barcode Validation AND Barcode Decoding (only for GS1 2D barcodes) to avoid having to re-design, reprint or recall products due to ineffective or unworkable barcodes.


   4. Certification of Confirmation to fulfil the National Regulations by China and Vietnam.


  1. Daily, Weekly & Monthly FREE Trainings covering topics on GS1 standards & keys overview and industry related briefings.  They include Fundamentals in GS1 Standards to industry-related briefings that focus on Healthcare, Warehouse Operations, Traceability, etc.


  1. Free invitation to the GS1 Malaysia Forum Series


   7. Business matching with potential Partners via GEPIR PLATFORM. 


   8.  Barcode Symbol Generator to ensure the barcode labels are compiles with GS1 standards. 


   9.  Access to the International Trade Centre's (ITC) Sustainability Map, to connect sustainable businesses to the international market. Link:  


  10.Centralised governance platform to validate, verify, authenticate, and to provide advice, which will be displayed through the GS1 certificate of membership which guarantee     ownership of the barcode.


  11. Access to Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) briefings. (Kindly contact FMM for further information).


  12. Advisory & Consultation Services based on an industry’s needs to address the industry’s unique GS1 standards implementation challenges.