Healthcare Working Group

GS1 Malaysia has formed a Healthcare Working Group comprising of manufacturers, distributors and service providers in the healthcare sector.

Dato' Dr Haminnuddin Abd Hamid, Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Healthcare Sdn Bhd is the chairman of the group.

The Group would formulate and implement global standards that would improve and facilitate the efficient flow of information and products in the healthcare sector

The objectives of the GS1 Malaysia Healthcare Working Group are:

  • To ensure the five patients rights, that is, the right medicine, the right patient, the right way, the right dosage and the right time are met.
  • To promote GS1 global standards that would facilitate the efficient flow of information and products along the Healthcare Supply Chain so as to prevent medication errors and improve patient safety.
  • To improve efficiency, reduce inventory and provide quality healthcare services and products through cooperation among manufacturers, distributors and service providers.

The group agreed to form the GS1 Malaysia Healthcare Working Group with the following terms of reference:

Terms of Reference of the GS1 Malaysia Healthcare Working Group

  • To encourage the healthcare sector in Malaysia to adopt the GS1 standards.
  • To develop policies and standards to enhance and improve the efficiency of the healthcare sector in Malaysia. 
  • To define the specifications for item & services identification and data & messaging structure based on the GS1 System so that there is uniformity in identification and exchanged information within the healthcare sector.
  • To work closely with the relevant government authorities and organisations that would support and provide assistance on the implementation of the GS1 System within the healthcare sector in Malaysia.
  • To share information on best practices and projects that would improve healthcare services in Malaysia.