GS1 Malaysia Barcode Inspection Services




  • Verification is an important tool in quality control. When it comes to the movement of goods throughout the supply chain, especially during check-out at point of sale, a poorly printed barcode can cause huge delays and problems.
  • In order to achieve optimum compliance with retailer and trading partner requirements, it is vital that the GS1 barcodes can always be successfully scanned.
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  • Ensuring the barcode information is being applied to the correct product.
  • Member is required to submit their product listing to GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank prior to the Barcode Inspection Service request.
  • GS1 Malaysia will retrieve the information from the Member Product Databank and validate the information against the physical product to ensure the right barcode is applied to the right product.
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  • A GS1 Barcode must contain the correct functionalities to identify it as a GS1 Barcode, for example, the Function One or FNC1 key is required for GS1 barcode identification, but is not visible.
  • Certain visible features, such as brackets, should not be encoded.
  • GS1 Malaysia will check the encoding of the barcode to ensure compatibility, and include it inside the Verification Report.
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Avoid having to re-design, reprint or recall products due to ineffective or unworkable barcodes.




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